Ewan Brown


This Canadian-Scot has been playing the pipes for over 40 years. He has competed extensively and has piped in many countries. Ewan has even played for Prince Phillip and the Queen! He has been a professional musician in various Celtic bands for over 20 years. He has played with many of the top bands and performers in the genre including Rathkelter, Loverboy, Nazareth, Blue Rodeo, Glengarry Bhoys, and Seven Nations. He has also shared the stage with such names as Greg Alman, Eileen Ivers, Enter the Haggis, and many more. He is sure to get you up out of your seat with his eclectic talents.


Lexie started playing guitar at the age of 12 in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. She quickly found her influences to be of the classic rock genre. She eventually moved to West Chester, PA where she has perfected her talent for the past 20+ years. After meeting Ewan Brown in 2015, at a Celtic festival in Pennsylvania, she immediately fell in love with the style of music. She has now added Celtic Rock to her repertoire and is sure to get the crowd moving with her mad skillz.

Lexi Brown
Christer Saarikko


Rescued from a band of Reindeer herders in northern Finland by a folk metal band who got lost doing a photoshoot, Christer discovered his grandfather’s fiddle at the family farmhouse in Finland at the age of 10. It only had one string but he was determined to learn how to play it and hasn’t been able to put a fiddle down ever since. Known as the “Viking God of Small Stringed Instruments” by the people who know him the least, he rarely is seen without his hair. Sometimes mistaken as for Bond villain, he is actually quite striking in the right light. Of course you can’t always count on that light. If you buy him a Jameson he will regale you with stories of his time in a Turkish prison. From studying music at the University of Florida, playing in symphonies, working with gold and platinum record producers in the studio, to tearing it up in rock bands, Christer plays the fiddle like it killed a member of his family and is ready to blaze new trails with Mac Tier! 


Since he was a child, Dan always aspired to be like the famous rock legends that he’s idolized. This Colombian national started playing music at the age of 7, and had his first band by the time he was in high school. His vast musical knowledge has come from being in bands that perform for various genres like heavy metal, pop, rock, disco, Latin son, reggae, and classical. Later in his career, he went to university and received his Bachelor of Music. Now, he is adding Celtic rock to his repertoire and is sure to not disappoint!

Dan Lelei
Ken Walker


Considered by many to be the 2nd best drummer in the band, Ken hits things. Usually, but not limited to, drums. Often told he is the handsomest member of the band by his mom, Ken has played drums for several Celtic bands including Whiskey Dregs, Seven Nations, The Muckers, and many others. On show days Ken can be found talking. A lot. For the love of God Ken talks a lot. If you see him we recommend hiding.


Ewan Brown

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