Mac Tier Celtic Rock




Mac Tier is the new Celtic rock band on the scene, based in Florida, with a ton of experience and ready to rock the nation by fighting all the current trends. By combining bagpipes, fiddle, and rock, Mac Tier has a high energy Celtic influenced rock sound. With various musical backgrounds of its talented group of musicians, Mac Tier has created a vibrant new sound of their own. They cross many genres, appealing to the Celtic traditionalist as well as to the rock, pop, and folk audiences.

Along with several originals, Mac Tier has enhanced many traditional Scottish and Irish tunes. They have added their own twist with the unique sound of bagpipes, fiddle and numerous other instruments to create a new sound with the most ancient of roots.

Start with a measure of music born in the Highlands of Scotland and across the sea to Ireland. Add a shaker for a down-home kitchen party. Fill to the top with rock and roll. This is a recipe for a full participation, get into it kind of party that everyone is sure to enjoy.


Ewan Brown

Available for Corporate Events and Festivals